The Tampa Rowing Club is focused on providing a pleasant and safe rowing experience for our members and guests.  This part of the web site contains various information about the club and how you can make use of our great rowing water and facilities.  Guests are always welcome to join us for a few rows.  Use the Contact Us page to inquire about going out as a guest.  That page also has maps which can provide driving directions for your motoring pleasure.

In order to row at TRC you must sign our waiver which can be found on the Forms page.  If you are interesting joining our club you can use the Member Application on that page or you can use the Register at the top of any page on the web site and then complete the Member Application.

You can get more information from the General Information page to understand how we operate.

You can view the rowing water we use on the River Map page and see photos around our spot on the Hillsborough River at the Photos page.

We also have a Links page that provides a way to wander off to other rowing related web sites, including the weather near our boathouse.