2. Everyone must follow proper social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from others and wear a mask covering nose and mouth if a smaller separation is required.  Only people living together are allowed to row in the same boat.
  3. Every person, regardless of age, must have a signed waiver for both the TRC and Jean Street Shipyard before they use any equipment in anyway.  The waivers are online.
  4. All rowers must know how to swim.
  5. All boats must display proper lights in darkness or periods of reduced visibility.  Lights must be in blink mode with a white light to the bow and red to the stern.  It is strongly advised against rowing in darkness unescorted.
  6. A complete and legible entry MUST be made in the Rowing Log ANY TIME ANY boat is removed from the boathouse whether to row or to be taken to some other location.  Include the rack number for the boat and the name of every person in the boat.  If the boat is being taken to another location, such as a race, indicate this and the expected return time in the comments.  Any equipment removed for more than a few hours must be reported on a Off Site Boat Use form.
  7. A member can bring one guest at a time to row with them.  Guests can row up to 3 times before becoming a member.  As noted above, ALL GUESTS MUST HAVE SIGNED WAIVERS.


  1. All members will always treat all other individuals with respect and consideration.
  2. No member shall engage in misconduct of emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, sexual, bullying, hazing, and harassment.
  3. All TRC members will always adhere to the principles and guidelines of the USRowing SafeSport program.


  1. Be considerate of the residents of the shipyard.  Keep all noises at a low level in the early morning, especially.
  2. No images of the non-TRC boats can be published or used in any way without the express permission of the shipyard owner.
  3. Keep our area clean and neat. 


  1. Row ONLY in the waters marked as safe on the rowing map - rowing in the commercial areas of the port is prohibited!
  2. Follow proper navigation rules at all time.  Stay to the starboard side of the river (left shoulder closer to the bank).
  3. Yield to power boats by moving as close as is prudent to the starboard shore.
  4. Boats leaving the dock have the right of way but shall proceed out into the river with sufficient distance to allow space for those returning.



  1. All boats must be equipped with a bow ball.
  2. All equipment, including oars, should be washed in fresh water and soap after use. All vents must be opened after use.
  3. You are responsible for repairing any damage done to equipment.  Report any damage to boats, equipment or other equipment on the Equipment Report Form. If the equipment is usable then place a Do Not Row tag on it.  These tags are kept in the drawer on the kiosk.
  4. Boats are assigned racks by the club and subject to change based on club needs at any time.  Boats cannot be moved to a new rack without the express approval of a current club officer. Boats cannot be locked to a rack.
  5. Be certain that all straps and tiedowns for boats and oars are fully secured at all times.



Revised December 7, 2020



General Information


We are located in the Jean Street Shipyard.  You can get driving directions from this page on our site.  Our dock and equipment is just a little south from the entrance on the river,


 The Tampa Rowing Club’s fiscal (financial) year runs from October 1 to September 30th.  Members are billed in September of each year.  Dues are prorated on a quarterly basis for new members with full year membership types*  All new members must pay a one-time initiation fee of $100.  Initiation fees must be paid again if your membership lapses for more than one year. 

Types of Memberships: 






All Family Members

Full year



Member only

Full year



Must have valid student ID

Full year


Winter Member only October through April $200
Summer Member only June through August $100


Single and Family memberships include one boat rack if available, at a yearly charge of $100 for a single and $200 for a double.  Additional boats in the house are as follows: Extra single - $200, double/pair -$300.  Rack assignments are made and changed by the club, based on usage.  Boats not rowed are subject to removal.

Family Memberships:   

Family memberships include parents and all other family members under age 21.  All members should carry their id card with them at all times at the boat house.  Family members under the age of 18 must be supervised by their parents or a member over the age of 18. 

Single Membership: 

Single memberships are open to all individuals over the age of 18. 

Student Membership: 

Student memberships are open to all individuals over 18 possessing a valid student id, (middle school, high school or college).  Individual student members under the age of 18 (as part of a family membership) must be supervised at all times by a family member or adult member of the club.   

Non-Resident Memberships 

Individuals visiting from other areas of Florida or from outside the state of Florida may row on a reciprocal basis for ten (10) days at our facility without charge, reciprocal meaning that the individual is a member of another rowing club.  After the ten (10) day period is over, the individual must pay One hundred twenty five dollars ($125) a quarter (90 days) for continued use of our equipment.  During either period, the individual must row when other members are present at the boathouse, no key or pass will be provided.  Individuals should be encouraged to join the club if here for extended periods of time. 

Calendar Year     

TRC operates administratively on a calendar year basis (January 1 to December 31st).  This relates to the of election of officers, corporate filing with the state, and other legal matters.  The membership year for dues uses a fiscal year from October through September of the follwing year.


We have one small dock at the present time.  This means that you need to miniimize your time in launching and recovering.   Both sides of the dock can be used to launch or recover singles but only the south edge can support larger craft.  Please, note the metal hazard on the south edge toward shore and be VERY CAREFUL to not bring larger craft near this.