This page contains photos of the mile points when rowing north on the Hillsborough River from the TRC boathouse.  You can view a larger version any photo by clicking on it.

West Bank Up River Down River East Bank
Mile 1 - North Boulevard bridge
Mile 1 Looking West Mile 1 Looking Up River Mile 1 Looking Down River Mile 1 Looking East
Mile 2 - Southern edge of Catholic Retreat Center (east shore)
Mile 2 Looking West Mile 2 Looking Up River   Mile 2 Looking East
Mile 3 - MLK bridge
Mile 3 Looking West Mile 3 Looking Up River   Mile 3 Looking East
Mile 4 - Below Hillsborough Avenue bridge
Mile 4 Looking West     Mile 4 Looking East
Mile 5 - House on east bank with huge cleats
      Mile 5 Looking East
Mile 6 - ???
Mile 6 Looking West     Mile 6 Looking East
Mile 7 - Just south and west of I-275 bridge
Mile 7 Looking West Mile 7 Looking Up River   Mile 7 Looking East
Mile 8 - 90 degree east turn - Here there be Dragons
Proceed with great caution due to shallow water and rocks
  Mile 8 Looking Up River