The Tampa Rowing Club has fostered and supported rowing in Tampa since the 1960s.  We are happy to introduce others to the joy and fun of rowing.  It is a strange and very satisfying sport which offers many benefits.  The TRC offers more rowing at less cost than any club of which we are aware.   The Learn To Row is free or for a small reservation fee.

 We are modifying our sessions to conform to the virus protection guidelines.  While on land we require everyone to wear a protective mask and students will row alone instead of being in a boat with others.  Being in a boat alone brings benefits and challenges.  The biggest benefit is that you can progress and learn at your own pace.  The two biggest challenges are the boat feeling tippy and that you must also steer the boat while mastering the simple rowing steps.

The goal of the Learn To Row session is to give you a taste of rowing so that you can decide if you wish to continue.  We allow non-members who are not members of other clubs to take up to three (3) free rows before joining the club.

There will be instructors in other boats on the river to assist and coach you.  Each boat will have life jackets in the very unlikely you capsize.  We have not had anyone swim, but it is always possible.  Please, view the Details page for the information of what to bring and the other information about the sessions.

Click here to sign up for a session or to get added to the waitlist.