Have your ever wanted to row?

Not only is rowing beautiful to watch and, in Tampa, gives you a wonderful perspective on the city but it has the following benefits:Learn To Row course image

  • Rowing is a total body workout. 
    • Rowing is one of the few athletic activities that involves all of the body’s major muscle groups.
    • It is a great low-impact aerobic workout that is easy on the joints. 
    • Active rowing burns 1,000 calories per hour
  • Rowing is a lifelong sport.  Rowers can start as young as middle school and continue rowing up through their 90s!
  • Rowing is the ultimate team sport. Rowing is teamwork’s best teacher – crews are made up of individuals who must work together to move the boat.
  • Rowing builds discipline and self-confidence.  Students who row consistently get better grades and get into better colleges.

Join the City of Tampa, the Tampa Rowing Club along with supporting high school teams at the brand-new boathouse in Julian B Lane Riverfront Park in downtown Tampa.  On June 2, 2018 free introductory sessions will be provided.  You can reserve a seat, which is required, in the sessions below after registering on our website.  The sessions will include both land-based teaching and an opportunity to try rowing on the water!  We suggest you take the free on-line Learn to Row Prep course.  If you have questions about Learn To Row click here.

The sessions are almost full.  We will send a reminder with information a couple of days before the event.  This will include what to wear, bring and how to get there.   Just to summarize, you should wear comfortable but not loose athletic clothing.  Loose shorts and shirts can get caught in the wheels of the boat.  You should bring sunscreen and water.  The facility is at the northeast corner of the newly rebuilt Julian B Lane Riverfront Park as you can see at this map.