Your Next Step in Learning To Row

Once you have taken the first step with the Introduction to Rowing you may wish to move forward and get more involved in rowing.  Tampa has several options for taking your next step in learning to row.  The option you take depends on you and your goals.


Adults have a couple of choices which depends on their goals and desired type of rowing. 

Tampa Rowing Club

The Tampa Rowing Club has been active since the 1960s and rows downtown from the University of Tampa boathouse.  Their focus is totally on sculling (two oars per rower) and has no organized competitive training.  There are several scullers at the TRC who do compete, so competition is possible and encouraged.  Members of the TRC get a key to the boathouse and have unlimited access to over 20 club boats of various sizes and configurations.  Nonmembers can row a few times at no charge.  Individual lessons are available.  We are offering scheduled sessions for people who wish to learn how to scull.  You signup for a seat in one by clicking here.

This is the TRC web site, so you can get more information for the various pages on this site.

Tampa Athletic Club

The Tampa Athletic Club rows on the bypass canal off US Highway 301 north of Sligh Avenue about 12 miles east of downtown Tampa.  Their focus is mostly on sweep rowing (one oar per rower).  TAC has competitive teams as well and recreational rowing.  All rowing sessions are supervised so members can only row in these sessions.  You can get more information from their web site or send them an email.

Middle or High School Students

It may be that your school has or is starting a rowing program.  If so, that would be your first choice.  There are two programs that provide camps for all students: