The Tampa Rowing Club rows on the beautiful and wind-protected Hillsborough River as it winds gently south from Seminole Heights to downtown Tampa.  The water is nearly always glass as shown in many of the photos below.  We row from the historic Jean Street Shipyard where the water is not affected by wind and very few power boats.  Members have unlimited access to a variety of club boats 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Tampa Rowing Club focuses on adult rowers with previous sweep or sculling experience. We also offer rack space for new members with their own shell. We pride ourselves in being the only adult rowing club in Tampa with rack storage space available for our option not available anywhere else in Tampa!

Guests are welcome, we are happy to allow members of other clubs which suffer with less than perfect conditions to row for $20 per outing.  Just use our contact form to reach us.  There is a signup page for rows each day for those using club boats.  The club boats are open to skilled scullers who have completed the required waivers as indicated on the signup page and the waivers page.

The club was formed in the late 1960s and has a rich and colorful history.

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Boat Racks Are Available!!

As of 4/17/2023, there are six (6) racks available to new or current members wishing to rack their personal boats.

Learn To Row

For ADULTS (i.e. over 18 years old) interested in learning to row, Tampa Rowing Club no longer offers a "Learn to Row" program.  However, there are two adult programs in Tampa that might meet your needs.

  • Tampa Athletic Club --
  • The Stewards Foundation --
For Middle and High School students who want to learn to row and for competitive rowing, please contact your students' respective school, or one of the programs below. Tampa schools with active rowing programs are: Plant, Hillsborough, Tampa Catholic, Berkeley, and Holy Names; Jesuit utilizes The Stewards Foundation.  Team Tampa is the "catch-all" program for students whose schools do NOT have a rowing program.

  • Team Tampa (rows out of the Tampa Julian B. Lane Boathouse) at
  • The Stewards Foundation (rows on the Bypass Canal at Harney Park on US301) at