Simply the best!  The Tampa Rowing Club provides the best in recreational sculling.  We are blessed with the best rowing conditions on the planet almost every day of the year.  The beautiful and protected Hillsborough River winds gently through downtown Tampa and there is virtually always glassy water as shown in many of the photos below.

Our members receive a key to the boathouse so they have unlimited and unfettered access to our many club boats which accommodate any form of sculling from beginner to expert.  We have a variety of low cost memberships available.

Guests are always welcome, and we are happy to allow members of clubs which suffer with less perfect conditions to row at no charge for a few outings.  Just use our contact form to reach us.

For a limited time the Tampa Rowing Club is offering free Learn to Scull sessions.  These are intended to let new rowers or those who are not scullers to learn the fun art of sculling.  The free sessions are limited to 2 people at a time and nonmembers are limited to 4 sessions.  You can check for available seats and reserve one by going to the Learn to Scull Signup Page.

The club was formed in the late 1960s and has a rich and colorful history.  We are located on the beautiful and historic campus of the University of Tampa.

This web site provides information about our club, its equipment, our rowing waters and how to become a member.  There are no scheduled sessions but many members row together on many mornings.  One group rows on many days and has a signup page open to anyone.

Anyone can become a registered member of this web site.  Being a TRC member and a registered member gives access to additional pages in the site.  Being a club member and registering on the site gives even more information, including the rowing logs. 

For rowing lessons contact Gary Baines   For other information contact click here.